Welcome To Existence

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” – Jim Rohn

Welcome to Leaves From a Tree!  Welcome to starting or continuing on your creative journey or to making an intentional change in direction in your career.  Whatever your reasons, come on in and rest a spell.

The purpose of this blog is be a safe place for creative types like yourself to land on a weekly basis, a place to pick up something that inspires or encourages you and a place to leave something behind to inspire or encourage others.   The creative journey and process is fraught with anxiety and outright fear.  There is no way around that anxiety, but to go through it.  Sometimes you need a companion along the way, particularly if you are the only one in your immediate sphere doing what you love.  I’ve got your back.

To lend some  humanity to what is often portrayed as an esoteric, unattainable, even aloof existence  I will sometimes share relevant bits of my own journey as a screenwriter and storyteller who is leaving behind the corporate world to live my purpose (finally!).

Rules of Engagement

This blog is NOT a place for:

  1. Competition or one-upmanship:  a cancer to your creative energy.
  2. Navel gazing:  a complete waste of both our time.
  3. Long posts:  I will not give you yet another excuse to not do your craft.

Rather it IS a place where:

  1. You are seen.
  2. You are challenged to excellence in your craft, because that is what you owe the world and your Maker.
  3. You grow strong through the pain of discipline and consistent practice.

Now sit down…have a cuppa.  Shall we begin?

What are your thoughts?