Forming Habits Without Goals

Today, to kick off the second quarter of the year, I am focusing on developing good habits in my “daily practice” (writing, exercise, and healthy eating) by not setting lofty goals that will require massive energy expenditures or will tell me that I am a failure if I do not achieve them on time or with my expected results.  Therefore, I do not have my calendar booked with 2-3 Tough Mudders, screenplay completion dates, 60 days of perfect Whole 30 eating, or “X” lbs/inches lost by June 1.  In the past, at the end of these types of goals, I either achieved them but was so burned out that I fell away for long periods of time or I didn’t achieve them – and felt defeated – because the schedule was so demanding that I got injured/sick/stressed out.  NOT setting goals is a huge step for me because I have always been the prophetess of goal attainment.  Simply put, I get results; I get s%^t done.  In the corporate world, I was often called “The Fixer” or “The Closer” for this reason.


Nah, for the remainder of this year what I am looking for is sustainability and balance, a simple, day-to-day perspective that looks at what will I accomplish today versus six weeks from now.  Will I check the daily practice boxes on the calendar today for each of my big three habits (I am a big fan of checklists)?  Was I present when I did them?  Did I focus on quality and truth?  Did I strive for the achievable versus perfection (a.k.a. unattainable discouragement)?


No one sets a higher bar for me than I do.  That said, it will be interesting to see where I am at year’s end if I follow my instincts now and cut myself some slack.  Maybe I will actually enjoy the process now that the pressure is off.  It is a gamble for me, but my hope is that I will actually be MORE productive, as well.

What are your thoughts?