Story of the Week – Wk 1

Leslie & Hawk

This piece is based on the following prompt from Writing Alone and With Others (Pat Schneider):  In this one you are….  With this prompt you look at, remember, or make up a photograph or image and write whatever comes up (autobiographical or fiction).  I hope you enjoy….

Flight by IH Rea- March 28, 2014

7 Replies to “Story of the Week – Wk 1”

    1. To love unconditionally as a human being, it seems few of us have that gift and the ones who do change us. But sadly, it seems we change after they are gone and only then realize what it was that we had in relationship.

    1. This photo is etched into my brain. I would love to find and post a copy, if the family doesn’t object. It is a stunning photo of the power and glory of being connected with a creature as powerful as a bird of prey.

  1. powerful. i read it three times, and each time gained something new and different. on my third reading i understood.

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