Story of the Week – Wk 2

Since I did not have opportunity to post last week, I will post two pieces this week.

I cheat slightly on this piece because I wrote draft one at a writers’ retreat last year.  But, I am proud of the results of this exercise and this current draft.  The idea or prompt is to write a story or series of actions using only nouns.  The point of the exercise is that if you focus on what you see, you can focus on the emotions involved which grounds the scene by giving the reader a 3-dimensional point of view.

I hope you enjoy….

Gone – April 7, 2014

2 Replies to “Story of the Week – Wk 2”

  1. 🙂 this is different than the original version, a bit? I didn’t recall Holly leaving them both by the side of the road…

    1. Well, she doesn’t leave them both, she leaves with Trevor. But, if that is how you interpret, I like that ending as well. 🙂

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