Story of the Week – Wks 5 & 6


I am well aware that I missed posting a story last week.  I confess that my creative energies last week went towards getting my vegetable gardens planned, laid out and dug in, not to mention some landscaping measurements around the house.  That investment still does not get me off the hook, so I am posting two pieces this week.

Both of these pieces came from a very similar exercise which is to select random objects, names, etc. and to write as quickly as you can about those objects, describing whatever comes up.

The Butterfly – May 2, 2014“: I wrote this piece one evening before bed using the first five random objects that came to my mind:  Cactus, Butterfly, Door, Vase, Picture Frame.

Spalding Diggs – May 2, 2014” comes from the following (fun) exercise of listing as many ideas as you can in 30 seconds under the list categories, then writing the story using one selection from each category (example Hat:  fedora, sombrero, bowling, etc.; select fedora.).  The categories for this exercise were:  Name, Hat, Car, Pet, Destination.

What are your thoughts?