Fits and Starts

Writing, like my other creative projects, is coming in fits and starts, but I am happy to say that yesterday morning I have shifted from notes mode to writing the first draft of my screenplay “The Curious Tale of Abimelech Jones“.   The start of the project also coincides with Em learning to sleep in a big girl bed.  How is that going, you ask?  Well, let’s just say that after 70+ plus times of walking her back to her bed at nap time yesterday and then finally putting a gate on her door, I am admitting to myself that I have a strong-willed child.

I only mention Em in this post because if I look at her schedule and use that as a sign of whether or not I should be writing, the answer would be “no”.  Case in point, nap times are no longer my guaranteed writing slot because of the “stay in that bed” battle that can take an hour.  Yesterday, I started a new schedule of waking up at 4 am to write until 6am when she usually wakes up.  She got up at 4:30 am yesterday and 3:30 am today.  Seriously?!! This morning’s early waking was an all out skirmish with much howling and unhappiness and daddy putting down the law.  And, these battles leave me feeling blown off at the knees; I just want to crawl into a hole somewhere and recover.  This morning after Em settled down, I told C my fear that if this is a sign not to write it is hard to take.  And, he confirmed what I felt in my gut a few moments earlier:  “this is a test of how badly you want to write”.   Did I get up at 4am this morning?  No, I regret to admit that I just rolled over and felt sorry for myself, but planning to get the work done today no matter what.  I may fall to self-pity times, but there is a part of me that is a warrior that growls to the wimpy side, “Get UP!”

So, I am shifting again.  I am not going for a set schedule, a trying to write at any set time of the day.  I am putting myself on a flex schedule: get results and when I can get them.  Write in snatches.  But write.  The perfect time is when I have a free moment.  30 minutes is better than 0 minutes.  1 page a day is still 365 pages in a year.  My daily goal is 3-4 pages of screenplay a day, which I can accomplish in an hour provided I finish each day’s work knowing where I will start the next day.  I have been successful with this method during previous Script Frenzy months (the now defunct screenplay sister of NaNo), finishing 100 pages of screenplay in under 30 days.

One day at a time….

What are your thoughts?