Story of the Week – Wk 9

The interesting thing about fiction (and poetry) is that those closest to you will wonder if you are writing about them.  At this question I smile and just tell the truth:  writing a scene/script is like watching a movie; my job is to describe what I see to the best of my ability.  I do not analyze the characters against the people in my circle.  I do not try to understand what the story means in my life.  I do my best to get out of the way.

The Meeting by IH Rea -5.24.14, a short story I have been working on for several weeks, is based on a dream I had and one that included a brief cameo from two well-known characters from a popular PBS Masterpiece Theatre series.  The story is an exercise in starting with a seed idea from the dream (the counselor’s office and the main character) and seeing where that character goes (not in the dream).  In my story the characters’ conflict is derivative but they have a life and personalities all their own.  I by no means attempt to write a spec script for the show.

Like screenplay, I tried to stay very tight in point of view, with the main character not knowing what the other characters are thinking.   Unlike screenplay, I was able to show the inside of the main character’s head, though I could use her comments as voice over and pull out the narrator’s voice were I to adapt to a script format, which I’m not.  Just sayin’ and always practicing.

I hope you enjoy.  Bonus points if you can guess which PBS characters inspired the conflict. 😉

What are your thoughts?