Story of the Week – Wk 10

So, an interesting thing is happening with me at 1:00 am after settling Em back in bed post potty break or sleep training.  I sit there in the rocking chair listening to her sleep music and a story, poetry or book idea comes to me.  Fully formed.  I have a full outline for a non-fiction book on management.  No, I haven’t gotten disciplined enough to actually go to my office and work during those two hours it takes me to fall back asleep.  That step does seem like the next one in a natural progression, n’est pas?  Interesting.  A bit thrilling even.

The Train Ride by IH Rea – June 12, 2014 is a poem that came to me last night, and I sat for an hour while I recited it over and over to myself so that I would remember the gist of it until morning.  The stanza format is haiku (5-7-5).


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