From Maine With Love

It took some several days to get here, but we are finally settled in with family in Maine. First stop is with C’s parents in their summer cottage on Long Island and then all the way to where 95 ends for a week with my folks. I have been looking forward to this trip for a while, besides the obvious access to additional sets of eyes on Em. Though I don’t think I could live in Maine, with all its wild beauty, the very thing that keeps me away long-term is what draws me creatively: slower pace of life.

My fantasy is that I will get a good chunk of writing done while I’m here. But I’m also hoping to spend time outside, listening to the wind in the trees and lobster boats on the bay. I’m hoping for the adventure of my first kayaking trip since college and my first glimpse of a moose (from the safety of the indoors, of course). I am looking for peace, I suppose, and the grounding that can only come from being in nature. I suppose that is the lure of Maine and why so many artists work or live here.

What are your thoughts?