Sobering Words

My husband slipped this quote into my notebook yesterday. Very sobering words if you consider each day as a transaction of energy. “You reap what you sow.” or “Don’t expect more from the universe than what you are willing to put into it.” Both are other ways of speaking about this investment and transaction of energy and power.

Want more love? Give more love first. Want peace in your life? Take steps to be a peacemaker. Want to make a change (new job, new town, dream vacation)? Start active pursuit with the intent that the change will come. Want to write that book or poem, paint those paintings, start that craft business or bakery, run that marathon? Then start today, where you are, no excuses, and with the understanding that results come from the choices you make every day at the transactional level of your time. It is one thing to try with your best effort and miss your target goal, because the process, the journey is the real prize. It is another altogether to never invest in yourself, to never give yourself a chance to see where you will go.

What are your thoughts?