I groped with gloveless hands, fingers probing, searching the damp unknown.  And finding roots, robust tubers, I thought, did I really expect it could have turned out any other way?


“It is good to have the sun out again,” she says.  “All that rain and dreariness is only good for the plants.”  And then she steps outside into brilliant morning light and the air is warm and humid and lush: echoes of the summer that surrenders to autumn.  And she looks at her pregnant garden, all Read More …

Peeling Back Layers

Okay, so something happened to me around my birthday in September.  It is very akin to that early midlife crisis that I had in my thirties that got me off my behind and into a real job that paid me for my time and talents.  This time, it is the recognition that if I live, God-willing, to Read More …


We are at the park, And I watch you play. So many opportunities, So many playthings. And you always settle on One. Contented.

Do Less

Time has gotten away from me in the last weeks.  We had a very successful yard sale to clear out the clutter and my birthday party the following weekend.  And then Em got sick.   And then I got sick and it all rolled downhill from there. The thing about getting sick is that I take Read More …