Do Less

Time has gotten away from me in the last weeks.  We had a very successful yard sale to clear out the clutter and my birthday party the following weekend.  And then Em got sick.   And then I got sick and it all rolled downhill from there.

The thing about getting sick is that I take it rather personally.  Annoyed, I look at my body and say, “No seriously, what are you really trying to say?”  This time, my body whispered back, “Do less.”

You’d think that was the first time I have heard that advice, well, it isn’t.  My father-in-law said something of the nature when I was in Maine this summer.  My husband, well, he’ll just roll his eyes if I ask him if I over commit.  Em will take my hand and say, “Sit with me here. Now.”  And there my entire family would probably line up to chime in.

Why do I over commit?  The answer is the probably the same one to the question: Why don’t I Want to Take Naps?  It is fear that I will somehow miss something and getting S%#! done props me up.  The irony is that I often don’t get to enjoy what I do because I seem to have to get S%#! done all at once, expending a vast amount of energy that then requires weeks of recovery.

So, I have been using the time over the weeks to listen to what it is that I really WANT and ENJOY and not what I SHOULD want or enjoy.  So a little goal revision is in order:

My screenplay/novels goals for this year are now short story goals, because truth be told I want to get good at telling a well-crafted and I prefer to read and write short stories – the “whole get in and get out” principle.  My fitness goals are now wellness goals:  start from the inside out and not the other way around.  I have started the Whole30 challenge and will be doing a 30-day yoga challenge:  Yoga 3-6 days/week and walking (outside, as in fresh air vs. treadmill and boob tube).   I am also in the midst of a 6-week online fiction writing course from the University of Iowa as a refresher, to get me in touch with a larger writing tribe, and to get feedback on some of my assignments and work.

So there you have it….

What are your thoughts?