Cakes, Cakes, Everywhere!

All suited up!

All suited up!

Thursday was my baking day for next weekend’s party cakes.  I typically don’t like to bake cakes ahead of time, but given that I am making big cakes for two parties and there is a ton of decorating work, I need to enforce a bit of time management over the coming week.  Besides, I am aware that Em needs her mom, and I need the balance of time playing and exploring with her.    Regarding freezing cake, there is no sacrifice on flavor provided they are well-wrapped, but the defrosting process does takes a bit of time and care.

So, I pulled my chef coats out of retirement and suited up.  Something about wearing a chef coat puts me in professional mode.  I manage my time,  space, equipment and processes more efficiently.  I started at 11:00 am…

Pile o' Pans

Pile o’ Pans

…And by 6:30 pm I had a freezer full of cakes (10 layers)…

Cakes tucked in for week's hibernation

Cakes all snug for a week’s hibernation

…And fondant (marshmallow and modeling) and royal icing prepared.  This is the first time that I made my fondant, but I want Em’s cakes to have fondant that folks actually want to eat, versus peel off and throw away.  I have to admit it is pretty yummy.

Fondants galore! for covering and figurine toppers

Fondants galore! for covering and figurine toppers

Today and tomorrow, I am making the figurine toppers and get to test those rusty sculpture skills.  I’ll just imagine I’m a kid again with the ol’ Play Doh 🙂  Keep it fun, right?

What are your thoughts?