Gluten-free Biscuits, Anyone?

Biscuits ready for eatin'

Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits (gluten-free)

One of the restrictions on my 90-day cleanse is gluten.  It probably seems odd that I love being up to my elbows in the stuff (and sugar) with the baking and cake decorating passion.  But, in a way, it is really aversion therapy.  If I eat sugar, I blow up for a day or two.  I’m not sure about gluten, per se, because any dose that I get is usually married with cake, pie, I.e. sugar.  So, I am learning to taste and (eh, hem) spit.  Otherwise, the sugar addict rages and eats all things .

Which brings me to gluten-free baking.  Several folks have asked me over the years if I bake for Celiac sufferers who miss homemade baked goodness.  Truthfully, gluten-free baking intimidated me for a long time because of soggy results.  However, I encounter more and more folks with Celiacs and gluten sensitivity (my research seems to reveal that the latter may be related to a yeast/fungus overgrowth in the body – yum!).  Sprinkle in the prevalence of Frankenwheat”, and it makes sense to offer alternatives to both my family and friends with whom I share baked goods.  That said, because gluten is off the menu for me through the end of the year, and possibly indefinitely, I have had real opportunity to experiment with gluten-free baking.

So, far I have delivered gluten-free blueberry and sweet potato pancakes to Em and the hubby with great feedback.  This morning I added biscuits to the mix, since I was craving a good biscuit sandwich.   Hubby said he like them “tremendously”.  True, they were crispy and satisfied my craving, but they did not rise much into flaky goodness.   Wha-a-a???

All ready for the oven

All ready for the oven

Hmm...Golden and crisp, but where is the loft?

Hmm…Golden and crisp, but where is the loft?

I like my biscuits high and fluffy.  Did I mention my first job at age 15 was at Bojangles‘, where I used to cashier, work the front line, and MAKE BISCUITS?  I grew up on my mom’s delightful pan biscuits.  We kids would hum and swing our legs at the dinner table, such was our delight to devour her creations, hot out of the oven and slathered with butter.  And yet, my mom, my culinary goddess and biggest influence, used to make excuses for her biscuits, saying that they didn’t compare to HER mother’s (do they ever?).  Biscuits are in my blood.  Give me a fluffy, melt-in-your mouth version over a dinner roll any day.

Paleo toppings:  Eggs fried in ghee and turkey bacon

The toppings: Eggs, mixed with a bit of coconut milk, & fried in ghee to go atop organic turkey bacon and cheese.

So, I will be tweaking the recipe to see if I can get these bad boys to perform closer to the gluten-containing brothers.  When I do, I will pass along the recipe.

PS – Because I am really lazy when it comes to typing up recipes, if you have a real jonesing for the recipe in its current state, just send me a comment and I will be happy to share 🙂

Happy, healthy eatin’s!!

What are your thoughts?