First Snow


This morning, we had our first snow of the season.  And this morning, I got to be with my Em as she excitedly got dressed and headed outdoors to explore before breakfast (wha???).  In the past, I may have insisted on eating first or that my husband take her.  But, the more present me now says, “Run with it, sister.”  Em has been in the snow before, but not as a 3-year-old, the magical age where her imagination is boundless and the world is super thrilling (which it is).

On our jaunt around the block, Em made new discoveries like her footprints, chain link fence snow formations and throwing snow at Mommy.  And I would be very ungrounded if she didn’t inspire me to really see that which seems insignificant, but is profound:


What? Footprints!!!

1.  We all leave a mark in this world whether we want to or not – on each other, on the environment.  Do no harm.

Lookie! Snow on top of the fence?

2.  Acknowledge the power and the glory of possibility breaking free from the “impossible” or “improbable”.

"I'm throwing snow at Mommy," the child said in glee after she realized she could do just that.

“I’m throwing snow at Mommy,” the child said in glee after she realized she could do just that.

3.  For pity sake, lighten up and enjoy your life, which is built on moments like the one you are living right now.

What are your thoughts?