In These Quiet Hours

This morning I woke early and have some time to sit on my deck while Em and C sleep. The air is unseasonably, but refreshingly, cool. Robins are hunting for worms in our lawn and gardens or singing away, a practice they begin at 3 am (such is their lust for life). My coffee is hot and I pause to look around at creation. Okay, yes, to look at what I (as architect and sometimes pit boss/often laborer) have accomplished on my little slice of this Earth. I am awed by what we have done over the last weeks, because to create beauty is to make order and peace in our sometimes chaotic world (that’s my truth at least and I’m sticking to it). It is to find new levels of wonder within yourself when you try something new and scary, often with a “F*** It!!” attitude at (insert your fear here). Mostly, though, what I feel in this moment is a quiet in my soul, a knowledge that I have arrived at a new beginning that is right, that is true. Like a monk under an oath of silence, I have meditated these last few months while I till the soil of my gardens (physical and emotional) and watch what thrives, because not everything I plant takes off. I say that last bit in hindsight, mind you. So much has happened in this time…shall I pour you a cuppa so we can catch up?

Oh great! The neighbor’s lawn service just started a ruckus of weed-wacking, lawn mowing and leaf blowing (sigh). Time to make breakfast, because my little kiddo will be up now…

What are your thoughts?