Home Projects Binge

So my official story when neighbors comment on the volume of work that they have seen me or hubby doing around the house this past month is that now is the time to get this stuff done before the torrid heat and humidity kicks in.  Call it global warming, but in the last few years our region seems to go from winter to 90 degree summer with about a week (sometimes two, if we’re lucky) of intervening spring.  The trees and grasses go “WTF?” and eject tons of pollen into the air during that week of lustful reproduction, and…and…

I go on and on to deflect attention away from my own manic tendencies.

The truth to why I nearly exhaust myself with volumes of work in a short span is because that is my Creative MO.  I get so focused when I write, cook, create recipes, garden/landscape, do home repairs (whatever – x, y, or z) in these intense bursts that when the fury runs its course the once beloved [x, y, or z] is nearly dead to me.  I could Google and see if other artists/creatives share this manic trait, but frankly, does it matter?  What matters is that 1) I know I will circle back through [x, y, or z] again and 2) I will circle back sooner if I keep the creative juices flowing in other outlets instead of screeching to a halt, a defeated, smoking ruin of burnt out-dom.  Best of all, that return brings renewed clarity, excitement and energy.  This cycle explains the perpetual tango between my writing and culinary ambitions…More on that later.

I present this year’s Home Projects Binge 🙂

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