Another Painting…”Lust In The Wind”

Paint Nite:  Lust in the Wind Re-creation

Photo: Ilana Hulsey Rea – Paint Nite: “Lust In The Wind” Re-creation

A sippa Sauvignon Blanc + a hefty dash of conversation on books, writers, kids, and questionable life choices + one blank canvas and a Styrofoam plate dotted with primary colors = “Lust In The Wind”.

This morning, I admit that I’m a bit more fond of my trippy Paint Nite imitation than I was last night.  Call it distance or a softening of the color palette that is not my usual cuppa tea.  But, let’s shove that perfectionism aside, shall we?

Hands down, it was a fun way to kick off our Monthly Girls’ Night Out (a.k.a. Sanity Night, a.k.a. Remembering We Had Dreams Before We Had Kids Night, a.k.a. It’s Okay To Have Fun And Not Feel Guilty About Not Being With My Kid Night).


What are your thoughts?