She Shed Update #4

I’m starting to see the final product now that most of the siding (the board part of board and batten finish) and trim work cover that bright green zip paneling.  I love board and batten siding for its cottagey feel, and I’m so happy Hubby honored my one design request.  The goal is a very organic, airy space dedicated to writing and creativity – a place where I can (as Stephen King said in On Writing) “close the door” and work.  Because Hubby used materials to make The Tree House a four-season space,  I keep forgetting it is a shed with electricity.  Until I look inside.  For now, that is. 🙂

I have found it difficult to close the door in our little home and immerse myself into a story’s first telling – an act of vulnerability akin to getting naked.  Not with a cat that scratches incessantly at any door the nanosecond it closes (grrr!!) or my need to be present with Em when I’m “on-duty”, which is most of the time.  Maybe I make excuses.  I wish I could write at the edge of the stove while cooking or on the ironing board in a closet under the stairwell after Em goes to bed.  I’ve tried and I can’t.  My muse needs privacy and has definitive office hours:  10am – noon.  I’ve always done my best professional writing (winning proposals, marketing docs, etc.) in that time window and in a dedicated business office – door closed, “don’t-even-think-about-interrupting-me” face on.  I am thankful for my current home office – a living space great for editing, blogging, reading, working out, movie nights, visiting family and Household CEO paperwork.  However, it’s not a set apart space for the act of vulnerability.  I never imagined Hubby would be so determined to create that dedicated space for me.  His handiwork (remember this is his first attempt at building anything structural) is blowing me away!

Next steps are:

  1. Shingle the roof
  2. Put up the battens
  3. Put up dry wall in interior and paint walls
  4. Lay down a floor (bamboo laminate?)
  5. Final electrical inspection

Stay tuned!

Boards are up and trim work around windows and door is complete.

Side View

Side view. Top windows need caulking and painting.

Electrician installed the sub-panel, so that electrical wiring is up to code. We passed initial inspection with flying colors!

Inside wiring. AC/Heating unit in place.

Front view with socket in place for outdoor light. Hubby found the leaf corner brackets, which I may paint to match the four seasons.

Front view with socket in place for outdoor light. Hubby found the leaf corner brackets (top left), which I may paint to match the four seasons.


What are your thoughts?