Day 13

Day 13 finds me in a better place than Days 1-4.  Detox.  It’s the part that I hate.  But after…energy comes.  I am feeling better.  Gone:  my bloated belly, the nighttime GERD, the pain in my diaphragm, sleeplessness, and 3 lbs of body fat.  My clothes fit better and I have more energy for Em.  I should add that a few weeks ago I began training for a half-marathon next June.  So, I have been running and recently added yoga for core strengthening and heavy weights to bulk up and prevent losing muscle mass with all the running.

Day 13 finds me wanting back some carbs.  Simple carbs.  You need them, right?  You’re in training.  Just one taste.  You can afford it.  No.  I’m shutting that voice down now, because one slip becomes another.   And these posts won’t be a whinefest about how I’m missing out.  I hate those posts in the forums.  I take responsibility for where I am and for getting myself back in form.

Stay tuned this week for the following posts:

  1. Week 1 Meal Plan and Notes
  2. Time and Money Saver: How To Butterfly and Sear Chicken Breasts


What are your thoughts?