Week 3 Paleo Meal Plans and Notes

Week 3’s Meal Plan.  My goal this week was to use what I had on hand.  The ground beef, the last pack of chicken breasts, the spaghetti squash leftover from this summer’s CSA basket.  Talk about saving some cash.  My grocery bill this week was $64.24!

Plan your menus around what you have on hand.  Lesson learned.

As a reminder, see my comments in Week 1.

Week 3 Paleo Menu Plan

Source Cookbook(s)Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker (MMS), Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry by Elana Amsterdam (EP), and The Performance Paleo Cookbook by Stephanie Gaudreau (PP)

Breakfast and Snacks Notes/Comments
Cherry Vanilla Shake, page 48 (PP) My go-to, for now.  Still making a variation of the shakes before and after my morning workouts.  May add a scramble for breakfast, if I’m still hungry.  Again, play around with what suits you.
Hulk Shake, Page 23 (PP)
Scrambles (Eggs with veggies like onions, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, etc.)


Lunches Notes/Comments
Leftovers from Dinner
Breakfast smoothie I go with this option when I am tired of meat or a heavy meal
Salad with leftover meat


Dinners Notes/Comments
Day One

Hamburger in Lettuce Wrap with Tomato, Mayo, Onion, etc.

Baked Sweet Potatoes or Sweet Potato Fries

Broccoli Soup (PP, pg 178)



· Your favorite hamburger (beef or turkey) with no bun.  Wrap in lettuce and serve with usual condiments, if desired.

· Basic burger:  meat, salt & pepper, onion powder, garlic powder; Grill or fry in a bit of oil until 170 degrees (poultry) and 140 degrees (medium) – 160 degrees (well)

· Use frozen broccoli florets in soup to save time

· Make mayo, if you use homemade mayo


Day Two

Easy Chicken Satay

Tangy “Peanut Sauce” x 2 (EP, pg 90)

Creamy Stewed Plantains (PP, pg 147)

White Rice or Cauliflower Rice (EP, pg 50)

· Chicken SatayButterfly and cut up chicken breast into wide strips, fry in oil until done.  Remove ½ of chicken and save for Day 4 – Pad Thai.  Add Tangy “Peanut” Sauce to the remaining chicken in pan & heat through.

· Use ½ of “Peanut” Sauce and save the rest for Day 4 – Pad Thai

· Can substitute cashew butter for almond butter in sauce

· I substituted garlic powder to save on prep time

Day Three

Taco Salad (MMS, pg 102)

Avocado Crema

Black Olives, salsa, etc

· I made Avocado Crema (see Week 1) to save on time

· Add black olives & other favorite condiments as salad toppings

· Can serve with any leftover cauliflower rice

Day Four

Chicken Pad Thai (Mel Jouwan’s version on Well Fed)

Green Salad


· Use leftover chicken and “Peanut” Sauce from Day 2

·  I prefer Mel Jouwan’s Pad Thai recipe (omit the Sunshine Sauce)

Day Five

Chicken Marbella (EP, pg 68)

Creamy Mashed Vegetables (MMS, pg 214) or Cauliflower/Mashed Potato blend

Steamed Green Veggie or Salad of choice

· You can swap days, if chicken two days in a row is too much

· Follow the How to Make a Pan Sauce tutorial and use the marinade ingredients to make pan sauce vs. marinating chicken if that is a time obstacle.

· I like to use a whole chicken cut into pieces (cut breasts in half if they are big).  Remove skin and sear meat in an oven-proof pan on both sides before removing it to make pan sauce.  Add chicken, olives and prunes back to sauce and cook in the oven (350 degrees & baste a few times) or slow cooker until largest piece is 165 degrees

Day Six

Breakfast for Dinner:

Egg Scrambles and Freezer Waffles (MMS, pg 66)


· End-of-week family fun meal!
Day Seven

Leftovers or Take Out Tonight


What are your thoughts?