Why Do I Get Up At Zero Dark Early?

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Thanksgiving Week slipped in here on the heels of kiddo’s birthday last weekend.  I struggled yesterday with writing a post, well, writing in general.  Fog brain?  Sick child?  Targeted holiday advertising hitting me at every turn on social media?  My profound disappointment in humanity last week?  Oy.  It’s enough to make me shove a pillow over my head and hibernate for the winter.

Awake at 4:00 am.  Again.  My body and mind have formed a habit.  Wake up, get up, make coffee (okay, Hubby preps it for me in the evening), feed the cat, and head out to The Tree House by 5:00 am.  Am I a morning person?  H#%! no!  But, our bodies our wise, and this body knows that I have found something in the quiet hours of the morning important enough for me to re-orient my biorhythms.

Yes, yes, blah, blah, I write and blog during that time before the rest of the immediate world wakes up.  But, there is something more that gets this night owl out into the cold morning.  Before the noise of the day, before the airplanes begin their morning departures and arrivals, before the self-aggrandizement and stupidity of politics, before the newspaper and the horror stories that sell–

It is the silence.

Silence.  Not merely sound, it is atmosphere.  It is breath.  It seeps down into my core through my skin and inhalations.  It coils around my spine, and whispers, “Get up from your bed of [apathy, disgust, disappointment, judgment, etc.].  Be present.  Be kind.  Be relevant.”

I cannot fix the problems of the world.  Big SIGH for this Fixer Mom.

I do have the power to affect my sphere of influence, which starts with my family and extends into my community.  I do have the power to let thankfulness, forgiveness and generosity (versus entitlement) be core values.  That power generates in the silence.

Finally, I believe that out there in all of the chaos being reported in the news there are people working quietly in the shadows, away from the spotlight and praise of the media.  They live out their purpose within their spheres of influence, even at great personal peril.  They, silently, keep the world from falling down.  And in the silence, I hold them up.

What are your thoughts?