No, I Haven’t Dropped Off The Earth’s Face

Umm, I wish

Yeah, I know.  It’s been a few weeks.  Okay, a month.  Sorry.

Except, that I’m not.

What I am is rested.  And grounded.  And happy.

I have always wanted to take a four-week hiatus.  Jet off to somewhere tropical (a.k.a. Kauai) or at least do something interesting.  Immerse myself in day-to-day realities without the distraction of There Is Something I Should Do.

Did I go somewhere tropical?  Nah.  More like near polar?

Did I get to immerse myself in enjoying life? You betcha.

So, what have I been up to?  Among other things:

  1. This
    Sledding in Maine

    Sledding in Maine on my parents’ farm


  2. This
    Baking tons of bread

    Baking tons of bread in my ‘no processed foods’ kick


  3. Oh, yeah. and this.  Loving this non-Mommy cut.  And debating whether to go ahead and shave it off a’ la Dominique Tipper’s bad ass cut on ‘The Expanse‘.  My hair grows fast, right?  Too scary for preschool coop? Hrmmmm….

    Rocking an asymmetrical 'do

    Rocking an asymmetrical pixie cut

Overall, I relished the bit about not explaining to anyone what I was doing (a.k.a. asking permission), but just running off and enjoying the holidays, which included catching up on my shows and binge-watching new discoveries.

Like Fortitude.  How. Did I miss. This. Show????

But, when my subconscious starts debating the worthiness of my dream plot lines or composing poetry in iambic pentameter in said dream state, well, it’s time.

I hope you aren’t too mad at me.  I sure am happy to see you.



What are your thoughts?