Adventures! Adventures!

Something Kiddo loves more than most activities we do together is An Adventure. It all started with me telling her stories at night about the superhero version of herself saving her mom and dad, aunt and uncle, etc. Then we moved on to versions in which she had a doppelganger on the other side of her mirror who needed her help. I told that slightly schizo story during a time when Kiddo was keenly aware of the fact that she doesn’t have siblings.

Then one evening, I decided to take Kiddo on An Adventure throughout our house as I finalized chores before bedtime. We started in her room (The Butterfly Cave) and worked through each room of the house like it was a different country with its own topography. For example: Master bedroom and bed = The Hills that we crawl over. The stairs = The Great Mountain which requires a rope (dog’s long leash) to descend/ascend. Living Room = Valley of The Giant, who sits on the couch watching television. Kitchen = The Plain of the Flying Scissors which we fight off with wooden spoons. If we’re really serious: The Basement = Pirates Cave where we hide or excavate treasure from the washer/dryer.

In more recent weeks, I ramped up the fun by making a treasure map which we drew and invented together. And now, we have hats, swords, and a slew of maps, each with a different theme and obstacles that we must overcome to get to our treasure: sometimes a treat or movie or great book.

Kiddo can do this activity for hours, the wheels of her brain turning, and it’s a creative way to get some steps in on the FitBit.

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    1. I do have a lot of fun. Kiddo gets so engaged that you can’t help but get pulled into the wonder of it all.

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