Raging Spring Fever

Spring has brought on a raging case of GSD. Get Shicht Done. It’s weird. I am positively obsessed with garden and house improvements.

This year I have started earlier because I want to get this vegetable and fruit gardening thing down. Ever since I had a kid, it seems important to me that I have this knowledge and pass it forward. Plus, I remember my folks harvesting corn, okra (ugh) and other things like cherry tomatoes which I scarfed down right off the vine.

I’ve added blueberries, a peach tree, four types of potatoes and spring onions to my usual salad garden mix. And, we invested in a drip irrigation system for the three raised beds so that watering is not an issue when the heat comes. Not to mention agriculture cloth to protect the greens from pests and the heat. We also continue to reduce our grass footprint by expanding the gravel walkway all the way around The Tree House. I should rename it The Beach House because the area feels somewhat beachy. What else? Oh yeah, we built a retaining wall at the base of The Giving Tree to hold the soil and moisture in that bed. And, I am on top of the espaliered apple and pear tree maintenance and feeding which has yielded a ton of blossoms and baby fruit. Time to get the netting on because it will be nice to not roll out the squirrel buffet this year.

I often wonder where this annual burst of energy and effort comes from. Maybe it’s because I am a high energy person and I need to move. Maybe what is really going on is that the home is my office. It is where I work. It IS my work. It is the nest and safe place for Kiddo and the detox and relaxation zone for Hubby. I love natural beauty. I need beauty. It balances out all the other stuff, all of the man-made hardscaping in our culture and environment. It is a reminder of what the world can be when we work with nature.

Now, back to work.

What are your thoughts?