Garden Carnage Update

We have a sewer line again! The plumber repaired the broken section yesterday, and snaked out the whole line, which was also 3/4 full of grease. Needless to say, I’ll be shoving some BioClean down the drains to eat that gunk up. The general recommendation is to use the stuff, because your pipes will collect grease over the years.

I’m also terribly relieved to have a gas shut-off valve installed behind the stove. When we upgraded after our old stove failed, the only way to connect or service the unit was to shut off the main gas line. Then you have to remember to relight all of the pilot lights around the house.

So Hubby’s weekend will be the less taxing job of filling the giant hole, while I take Kiddo on the birthday party circuit. I’m hoping to get the landscaping somewhat “fixed” before I leave for my half-marathon next weekend.

Thanks for sending good vibes our way 🙂

What are your thoughts?