NaNoWriMo Update

Today I hit an all-time daily record of 4,085 words (new fiction) – that’s the equivalent of a short story. And total word count for the month = 22,183. Since November 1st I have finished 3 short stories, formerly stuck for years in “where am I going with this?” mode. Today started a brand spanking new story. And I’m seeing connecting threads between these previously “standalone” pieces. Interesting….

I’m thinking maybe a day off tomorrow since Kiddo is out of school?

Except…I’m addicted. So, I suspect I will get some writing done, though I want a girls’ day as my first priority.

My goal is to hit 50,000 words by Thanksgiving, so that I can take a break like the rest of the country.

Good times 😊

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    1. Ha! I wish, since sitting is the ‘new smoking’. But I have been getting tons of daily steps this past week as part of a commitment to not let the work waylay my health. And a walk before work helps jumpstart the process 😊

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