NaNoWriMo Update #2 – Stream of Consciousness

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On Friday, I broke the 40,000 word threshold…Badge and pat on the back from the NaNoWriMo folks…I’m essentially in the final stretch…But after yesterday’s Hawaiian Dance ho’ike, I’m flat…Or I’m catching a cold…Or feeling a quite jealous, since Hubby is officially off of work for the week until next Sunday, and currently napping on the couch after a hard morning of sleeping in…Oh, and I took a full day off from writing yesterday, since the nervous energy around performing something totally new sucked up most of my creative and physical energy…Did I mention I saw Thor Ragnarok last night and it was a funny, entertaining throw-away film?  And the pineapple sparkling wine at Hula Girl = divine?

Total stream of consciousness here, I know.  Sorry…it’s all I’ve got….

*Takes deep breath*

Let’s see what I can actually accomplish today.  Starting at 40,429 words.  Be back in a few hours….


Today’s word count:  42,183

I’m going to bed….

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